Apple's next iOS update will reportedly feature a new mode which will allow moviegoers the capability to dim screens and mute audio during screenings.

As AppleInsider reports, the first beta release of iOS 10.3 may feature a ‘Theatre mode.’ Reportedly, the setting will be available through a "popcorn-shaped" icon in the Control Center when the software update is supposedly released on January 10.

Theatre Mode will provide iPhone users with limited access to their device in a way that, supposedly, won't distract others in attendance. The exact features of the app haven’t been specified but it is being speculated that users may be able to disable system sounds and haptic feedback, block incoming calls and messages, and reduce initial screen brightness during a movie. Texting will still be allowed.

Last year, AMC Theatres enlisted a strict no-texting policy, after briefly considering an option of setting aside certain screenings where viewers would be allowed to text and use their phones.

Most of the responses to the new rumoured update have been in protest of it: