Apple updated its operating software to iOS 9 over a week ago and while most people have been enjoying a plethora of benefits its given them, there's one tiny feature that could be racking your phone bill. It's name? Wi-Fi Assist, and it's buried somewhere you'd almost never find it.

The idea behind Wi-Fi Assist is sound. Basically, whenever your Wi-Fi is terrible (which happens often on pretty much every provider in Ireland), iOS 9 will make up the difference by dipping into some of your mobile data. Good for the user experience, not necessarily good for those with small data plans and astronomical outside charges for going over their limit.

The good news here is that it's relatively easy to turn off, the only problem is finding it.

Buried inside your Mobile/Cellular section of your Settings, Wi-Fi Assist is all the way down the bottom and depending on how many apps you have, you'll have to scroll for awhile. Then it's a simple matter of tapping that little guy off.

Now if you're blessed with a large data plan or have enough money that you don't care about the charges you may not even need to do this.

And as far as we can tell, the feature is only available on the iPhone 5s/5c and later models, so if you're still rocking an iPhone 4s or older you have nothing to worry about (apart from crippling slow 3G mobile internet).

Still a handy thing to know before your mobile provider come banging on your door looking for all the money.

Via Gizmodo