Although the sun may have gone in and finally given us a break, the heat is still there and it's still having an impact - for one man in particular, it got worse. So much worse.

Per BBC, a man in Newcastle in England had to be rescued by fire rescue services after his left leg ACTUALLY SANK INTO TARMAC because of the heat. The unidentified man made a 999 call and was rescued, thankfully uninjured, after the fire services went at the hardened tarmac with hammers and chisels to free him.

The man's left leg sank down almost to his thigh, but claimed that wearing his "Granddad's Dr. Martens" prevented the tarmac from breaking his ankle.

Shortly after the man was freed, Tyne And Wear Fire Service issued a statement, explaining that the heatwave - d'uh - was to blame and to remind people that the sharp rise in temperatures will have this kind of effect.