The Coveteur recently got a look inside Nick Wooster's enviable closet, and it's pretty darn impressive

Street style icon and retail veteran Nickelson Wooster is the man when it comes to male fashion advice. Alright, he can be a lot more adventurous than your average Irish bloke, but that’s no reason that we can’t still learn a thing or two from him about what we should all be concentrating on when it comes to style: details.

Recently, The Coveteur got a look inside his wardrobe, and it is a vast and unbelievable space. To say Wooster lives the dream for fashionistas out there is probably an understatement, and inside his New York apartment he houses one of the most incredible collections of clothes known to mankind, and it puts the Man Cave’s closet to shame. A lot of shame.

Wooster told The Coveteur that he has fashion memories from his childhood of him "telling my mom I didn’t like the way certain T-shirts fit. I was in kindergarten. There was nothing that even related to ’fashion’ in Kansas in the 1970s. I did, however, realize that there was a ’best store’ in town, so I was lucky enough to get a job there. It didn’t occur to me that there was a ’fashion business’ until my mid-twenties after a failed attempt at a career in advertising."

One of the many things that is worth taking away from the wardrobe on display is not just the sheer quantity of clothes, but the mix of simple shirts, jackets and shoes with more daring statement pieces that are brighter or sport bold patterns. Mixing the two together is the trick to pulling off some of Wooster’s looks, and while he knows what he's up to and can put bright colours together from time to time, he also pairs loud tones with navy, grey, olive or khaki, wardrobe staples that should be at home in every man’s collection.

Of course, the details are all important, so from ties to tie bars, Wooster also boasts a huge collection. If you’re starting off a wardrobe or doing a late spring clean, then there are a few pieces worth investing in: a good brown belt with a simple buckle, a blazer that can smarten up your look be it jeans or chinos, and a crisp white shirt. It’s too hard to go wrong with any of those.

If you fancy getting more of a look at Wooster's incredible collection, check it out over here.

Pics via The Coveteur