Well this could have gone terribly wrong altogether.

A passenger on a London tube train over the weekend had a rather unusual journey when the doors failed to close after a stop. Rory Brown posted the video to Twitter following the event:

Rory also claimed there was "at least 10 different doors" open during the incident.

Transport for London responded to Rory's tweet and also confirmed that "some of the doors" on a Jubilee train remained open for "one stop between Finchley Road and West Hampstead" in north London on Saturday, September 1 at around 0900.

While Nigel Holness, the network operations director for London Underground, said in a statement: "The safety of our customers is our top priority.

"The train was immediately taken out of service at West Hampstead and a full investigation is underway to understand how this occurred."

Thankfully, no-one was hurt or injured during the incident.