Turns out heaven is a place on earth and it only costs £20 to get in. Deadly.


An Italian restaurant called Cucina Asellina in the heart of London has made the greatest menu choice in the history of menu choices by offering diners all the pizza and prosecco they could want, and all for a mere £20 (€28.50).

Sounds too good to be true? Well it is a little. There's a few caveats to getting your pizzecco feast on, including the fact that you only have 90 minutes to get everything into you and it's not actually pizza that you get but 'pizzette'. Now the only difference is that a pizzette is smaller, but you can still get as many as you want which sounds like a winner to us. The other stickler in the deal is that it's only running during the summer and between the hours of 4pm and 8pm, but that sounds more like a challenge than a stipulation. A four hour window in which to find 90 minutes to eat and drink as much nectar of the gods as possible? Consider that challenge accepted Cucina Asellina.

We are going to eat and drink this place dry. Sorry prosecco shortage, your days may actually be fast approaching. This is why we can't be brought nice places (and that nothing like this would ever happen in Ireland).

Via Standard