Batman: Arkham Knight has been delayed a few times already, but it looks like the final release date is pretty solid, and Sony are getting ready to splash out big on the launch of the lat chapter in the franchise. 

To mark the release of what's sure to be one of the biggest games of the year this June, they've decided to make a limited edition Arkham Knight PS4 console in Steel Grey, along with a matching controller. 


If you don't manage to get the limited grey version, there will be another bundle that contains  a PS4 and DS4 controller in Jet Black, Batman: Arkham Knight on Blu-Ray as well as the exclusive Scarecrow Missions. 

Along with the announcement, they've given us another trailer to get a look at what the Scarecrow Nightmare added DLC will look like, which PS4 users will get access to first. It features Gotham turned dark by an eclipse, and as a giant scarecrow terrorises the city, Batman and all his arsenal of weapons (including the Batmobile) is called into action.

Pics via Sony PlayStation blog