So there you are doing a family photoshoot in the park when up jogs some young one in a hoodie and asks if you want her in the picture. 

How rude, right? Well not really, because the young one in the hoodie was the lovely Taylor Swift, and when the two young girls of the family spotted her, they couldn't believe it. They were speechless, apparently, and according to SB Nation, it was Taylor who asked the young girl, because she couldn't form a sentence, she was so star struck.

Photographer Sarah Bailey told WKRN Nashville that Taylor came up to the girl and "she said, ‘Do you want to get your picture with me?' The little girl was like, ‘Yes!' and just nodded her head. She couldn't even talk."

Even when she's out jogging she looks great, which is just not fair. When we're exercising we look like a stranded dolphin wriggling around on the beach, covered in salty sea water that was thrown over us in an effort to keep us alive before we can be pushed back in to the ocean, and there she is looking like that. Curse you Taylor.

Via SB Nation