If you want to feel very, very old today, read on.

Many of us will remember a time when we did not have a single computer in our house for the vast majority of our childhood. Phones were things with cables attached to the wall that could do one thing only: make a phone call. Only posh people had cordless phones and when dial-up Internet did arrive in our lives, we were only allowed to use it after 6pm and the phone line was unusable for the duration of your 'surfing time'. Different times, folks.

Most will also remember that the only way to save your work on those clunky PCs that began infiltrating the lives of normal people in the mid-late 1990s was on a floppy disk.

However, it seems that the younger generation has no idea what they are, if this Twitter thread is anything to go by.

A tweet made by a Japanese youngster has gone viral in recent days, highlighting the disparity between generations in one fell swoop.

It seems that Japanese vending machines bear a resemblance to the 'save' icon, which of course is a floppy disk.

Different times, indeed.