How did he convince her? Well, it was all thanks to Twitter, of course.

Like all the greatest love stories, this one begins with a man asking a woman out on the proviso that he can get 10,000 retweets for a post on his social media profile. That was roughly the plot of Romeo and Juliet anyway, and this story is largely similar.

One Texan teenager, Mike Ramirez, who goes by the nickname 'Big Mike', asked a Houston Texans cheerleader back in February if she'd go to prom with him if he could get all the retweets he promised, and duly did. True to her word, Caitlyn agreed to go along and accompany Mike, but she didn't go solo, bringing along some of her squad mates too for one heck of an entourage for Mike 



As for Mike, he seemed pretty happy with himself on the night.


Judging by the presence of police office in this particular picture, part of us thinks that Big Mike might not have gotten a kiss at the end of the evening.

Since then, they've been all over the news, from USA Today to morning TV in America, snapping selfies all the while.

Is there anything that the internet can't do? We wager that no, there is not.

Via Mashable. Main pic via HTC Caitlyn on Twitter.