The recent heatwave may have kept Ireland happy as a nation for a couple of weeks, but it also wreaked havoc on the native flora and fauna.

In fact, several weeks ago, a fire broke out on Bray Head in Co, Wicklow, stripping the hill of its gorse and leaving it blackened and charred - making the ever-popular Bray to Greystones walk that little bit less scenic.

However, the fire exposed the earth beneath the gorse and revealed something that hasn't been seen on Bray Head in a generation.

A large sign saying 'EIRE', dating from World War II, was spotted by the Garda helicopter over the weekend. These signs - over 80 of them in total - were carved into the ground at various points around the Irish coastline during the war, to let British and German planes know that they were flying over neutral territory.

The one on Bray Head had been overgrown and apparently forgotten about for decades, until now.

Pretty cool, all in all.