The Rock is arguably one of the biggest health and fitness icons in the world right now. 

The Baywatch star is a constant inspiration to many with his regular social media updates about his rigorous training and diet regime. 

But what would happen if a mere mortal tried to mimic both his workout and diet for a month? One Redditor named nycballer or Mark Webster as his mammy knows him, decided to take on the challenge. 

In order to maintain his incredible physique, The Rock needs to consume around 5,000 calories a day, spread out over seven meals. Webster put together a handy little infograph which highlights both the contents and the cost of The Rock's diet. 

So the first thing that Webster learned was that eating like The Rock is expensive! As you can see from the infograph, it works out as $42.07 a day. In a year you're looking at over $15,000. 

The second thing he learned was that it takes time to follow that diet. Webster spent an hour and a half every two to three days on food prep alone. Also each one of his seven meals takes twenty minutes to eat. Meaning he had to dedicate two hours and twenty minutes a day just eating.  

Of course the eating is just the half of it. There's also the insane workout that includes one hour of cardio and ninety minutes of weight training six days a week. The workout is supposed to burn 3,550 calories a day. 

In total, Webster had to spend five hours a day working out, eating and prepping meals.

Here's the before and after pic from Webster's experiment. 

Overall Webster's weight had barely moved but he had gained a solid amount of muscle mass and estimates his strength has gone up 10 to 15 percent across the board. The big changes were much more subtle: 

"I’m 37, I got little aches and pains all the time but I have none of those anymore. I feel better than I did before I was doing this. My resting heart rate has dropped by like four beats per minute over the past month. I feel fantastic."

The Rock heard about Webster's experiment and at first was very skeptical of the idea. 

But after a while he started to come around to the idea of it.

By the end Webster had completely earned The Rock's respect.