The Kingdom of Enclava can be found on the border between Croatia and Slovenia, and is now accepting applications for citizenship.

A group of Polish tourists who were travelling between Croatia and Slovenia have set up their own country on an unclaimed strip of land near the border between the two countries, about 50km west of Zagreb.

Piotr Wawrzynkiewicz and his friends learned from locals that, after the split up of the former republic of Yugoslavia in 1991, disputes about borders lead to certain areas being declared no man's land. One such plot, measuring 100 square metres, is now the Kingdom of Enclava, where the group decided to set up camp. 

The country was founded in late April, and even has its own website where they promise that their utopia is "a place where everyone, regardless of skin colour, religion or nationality, will be able to express their opinions, study for free, and earn money without worrying about taxes". 

They have since had 8,000 people apply for citizenship, and they even held an online election recently in which the 500 confirmed citizens voted for their new leaders. They are currently in the process of putting together a constitution, they've opted to use the digital currency Dogecoin, and they recognise five different languages, including Chinese. 

However, there's still one small issue, according to Piotr, who told the AFP that "at the moment, no governmental entity has recognised (our) claim – this is a common issue for all new micronations". Still a ways to go before they make it to the UN, so. 

Via The Journal