A Russian gamer is suing the makers of Fallout 4 after he lost both his wife and job following a 3 week gaming binge.

The plaintiff is looking for 500,000 roubles ($7,000) in compensation from developers Bethesda Game Studios because he didn't know the game would be 'so addictive'. 

He was so committed to his progress in the game that he regularly skipped work, which led to him being let go from his job. He also stopped meeting up with friends and eventually his wife got fed up and left him. He also claims his health deteriorated in that time as he wasn't eating or sleeping properly. 

We kind of feel for the guy. Our Football Manager musings have become borderline obsessive. We don't think we'd take it as far as suing Sports Interactive though. 

This isn't the first such case. In 2010, a US federal judge said he would listen to a case brought by a Hawaiian man, who said he became addicted to video game Lineage II.

Surprisingly, the judge sided with the plaintiff and ordered NCsoft of South Korea to pay his legal fees which he had accumulated over the six-month period after filing his lawsuit.

Via RT