As I said, things are slim today, and I'm blatantly avoiding knocking out something about Alex being miffed re Jordan's press release saying he's a desperate fame monger, and something else about Alex refusing to leave the marital bed, and something else about him part owning a yacht that - unbeknownst to him, of course - was used to traffic drugs off the coast of France in 2005.

So, by way of an alternative, here is one of the only interesting galleries WENN has on today's menu (apart from this). The event; a "special screening of Portlandia." It's not the "film about giving back and struggling artists trying to 'make it happen', Portlandia is a groundbreaking improv-comedy epic made virtually without a budget, and featuring the best of Portland's newest rising stars in acting, music and fashion" made in 2010, instead it's a TV sketch show starring Kyle MacLachlan (looking more like the aunty who never got round to marrying with each passing year) as Mayor. I'm guessing his name isn't Mayor, rather that he is the town mayor. I'm basing this on the other characters' names, which include "Daughter", "Student", "Store Owner", and "Front Desk Clerk." Although there is someone called "Fred" and someone else called "Carrie's Boyfriend". Although I can't see any Carrie on the character list kindly provided by IMDB. Unless they mean this Carrie. And this is very possibly "Fred", 'cause his name is Fred in real life and he'd be used to sketch shows given he's appeared on SNL... But none of that matters 'cause Heather Graham was at the screening!!!

Yes, Heather and her bones, went to the screening and proceeded to unashamedly mug for the camera, see A, B, C, and D (but is she reeeeallly as happy as she looks? Her knees indicate otherwise).

And that warrants a gallery in my book. Today's book, anyway *sticks head back in sand*