Under Armour are looking to knock things up a notch on social media in the coming weeks by getting involved in your fitness conversations. 

They've enlisted the help of a number of pro athletes who are part of the elite team of stars that are sponsored by the apparel brand, like Welsh fullback Leigh Halfpenny, and they will be sending you messages of encouragement to go as hard as you can, like a sort of social media workout buddy.

It's all to do with their new #EarnYourArmour campaign, which will see them "hijacking competitor social conversations in real-time", and will feature videos, images and all sorts to challenge you to push your limits and train harder. Science has already proven that having a workout buddy will help you to be at your best in the gym, but we'll have to wait and see if that works through Twitter as well as it does in real life. 

Speaking about the launch of the new campaign, Mairead Van Gils, digital marketing manager for the EMEA area at Under Armour, said: "Hijacking users of training apps such as Map My Fitness, Endomondo, and those of competitors, we will tap into workout conversations using live social content from the likes of Leigh Halfpenny – pushing past existing social boundaries and showing that we’re not afraid to stand out". 

Under Armour also just launched their own fitness monitoring app, which also has a social element to it, so there's a definite push on their part to get people talking about their brand online, which this campaign looks to be an important part of. The campaign is set to kick off on February 23rd and will run until March 8th. 

Via MarketingMagazine.co.uk