Sure, it's shiny and new and looks nice, and while some of the new features are great and well worth your time, you might want to avoid the following ones that could cause more trouble than they're worth.

The latest upgrade to iOS 8 has brought plenty of new features to your device, but they are so diverse and so plentiful that it can be tough to know which ones are useful and which ones might be giving you a bit of trouble. 

1) iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive is Apple's response to Google Drive and Dropbox, which we must say has been pretty slow to arrive. However, in time it will offer the very handy ability to have your files across a few different devices, but not quite yet. While it works with iOS 8, it will only work with OSX Yosemite, which hasn't even been released yet, so when you do upgrade, make sure that you choose 'Not Now' when asked about iCloud Drive. You can always go back and set it up later when it will actually work anyway. 

2) Siri is just too darn nice

Siri can be very handy indeed, but as Forbes described her, she's also the worst bouncer in the world. Allow us to explain: iOS 8 has fixed plenty of security issues, but one thing they haven't fixed since the last edition is that you can still bypass the lock screen if you know how, and the main vulnerability is through Siri.

Without needing to know the passcode, this video from Jose Rodriguez highlights just how ridiculously easy it is to get access to your call history, your contacts and anything else Siri can do really. 

While being able to access Siri without unlocking your phone is a handy feature for some users, for the security conscious (or those who would like to avoid having an incriminating status posted to their Facebook wall) this is a bit of a problem. There is, thankfully, a solution, so what you should do is head to settings, go to the section about your 'Passcode' and then switch the button next to 'Siri' to off, unless you really do use the feature and aren't concerned that your friends might prank you.

3) Share my location

People are beginning to become more concerned about location based features and privacy in particular, but as a default setting, iOS 8 shares your location across a number of apps including messging. That doesn't sound like a big deal, but you don't always want the person to whom you're sending a message to know where you are. To swith this off, go to settings - privacy - location services and hit share my location.

While you're in the settings menu, you might also want to take advantage of some of the other little things added to iOS 8 and limit how much advertisers can track you (privacy - advertising), and set your messages to disappear after a certain period of time (messages - keep messages). 

4) Recently deleted photo folder

So you've taken a whole pile of n00dz, shared them with the people intended and deleted them from your phone, right? Maybe not, because there's a 'Recently Deleted' folder where all the photos that you think you've gotten rid of are stored for a further 30 days. To get to it, go to your photos, albums, and in there you'll spot the recently deleted snaps where your compromising material is held. You can then select to delete them forever from there.  

Main pic via YouTube