Kanye West is apparently coming to Dublin for his stag, so here are a couple of activities that we think he should definitely do

Ireland is a huge venue for stags, and the industry is going to get a massive boost with the news that Kanye West is coming here with his mates and entourage for his last hoorah as a single man. Being the good-natured and culturally-minded folks that we are, we have a few suggestions for what he could get up to in his time on our fair isle.


Coppers, of course, is a must do for Kanye and his crew. They’ll get a chance to sample the atmosphere and welcome of a typical Irish nightclub, as well as try some of the special local cocktails, like Jägerbombs. Besides, if any trouble kicks off with people trying to get his autograph, there should be plenty of police around to cool the whole situation down and sneak him out the door.

Pic via CamogieDublin on Twitter

Temple Bar

If anyone can afford the cost of a few drinks in Temple Bar, then it’s Kanye. That, and we’d really love to see his take on the trad sessions going on. Who knows, he could even get a bit of inspiration for his next album which we’re tentatively entitling Kanye Wesht: Jaaaaysus.

Have the craic

Having the craic is difficult enough to define, but we can only presume that’s why he’s coming here. As far as we can tell it mostly involves doing something ’typically Irish’, so slap an Aran jumper on him and give him a plate of bacon and cabbage. That’s craic, right?

A visit to the Dail

Now, this might not sound like the most exciting of things to do on your stag (depends on the day he drops in, we suppose), but we’d certainly like to see Kanye interrupt Mick Wallace as he addresses the other six people who turned up for work that day.

The Late Late Show

He's been on Kimmel, he's been on the Kris Jenner show, it’s only fair that Tubbs have a go now. We just need Ryan to get that Twitter beef going before he arrives. Think of the ratings, Tubbs!

The obligatory soakage meal

We’re presuming Kanye, Jay-Z and all the lads will be knocking back a few drinks in their time in Ireland, so they’ll need to stop off and have a bit of soakage before heading back to The Four Seasons. He strikes us as a garlic cheesy chips type of guy, so keep an eye out for him in the Abrakebabra queue.