Lee Min-bok, a defector from North Korea, is either the world's biggest fan of James Franco and Seth Rogen, or has a point to prove. 

This past weekend, Min-bok air dropped 80,000 copies of The Interview on DVD, as well as anti-government leaflets, into the secretive country in an effort to dispel the "idolisation of leader Kim".

While Lee Min-bok stated that he didn't think the people of North Korea would find the movie funny, speaking to CNN he said "The regime hates this film because it shows Kim Jong-un as a man, not a god. He cries and is afraid like us and then he's assassinated".  

In the dead of night, Min-bok took the balloons from his home where he now resides in South Korea to a position near the border (which the South Korean police did not want revealed) and launched them into the air, having studied the wind patterns for weeks in advance. 

Pic via CNN

He added that there's no way to be sure where the balloons will end up, or if they'll make it to anyone at all, but that he has to try so that his people can learn the truth about how North Korea and its leader are viewed outside their borders. 

Via The Verge