If you thought you were a Taylor Swift superfan, prepare to be humbled. 

Katy Harris and her new husband Chris Eisenmann made a commitment to each other, but also to Taylor Swift, in a car park outside the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia recently when they got married, and unbeknownst to her, Taylor was their wedding singer...sort of. 

Harris is a huge Swiftie, and they had originally planned to get married on the singer's birthday, December 13th. However, those plans fell through and, according to Harris' instagram, they decided to move the wedding up and have it at one of her concerts instead. 

The happy couple sealed the deal in an outdoor ceremony, complete with hipster mason jars too so that the pictures would look good on social media. 

It seems that Taylor got wind of the news that someone had gotten married outside her show, and being the sound type that she is decided to invite them backstage to share in the joyous moment. She was wearing white though, which is a real faux pas when it comes to outfit choice at someone else's wedding. 

She also didn't hit them with a bill for technically being their wedding singer, which was nice of her too. 

Via Mashable