We actually can't wait until some folks head on up to Mars and have a proper butchers around the place. Because these 'sightings' are starting to get a little too frequent. 

Mars has been in the news lately, mostly because someone left Matt Damon there; but also because there have been a bunch of objects that have UFO conspiracy enthusiasts in a right spin. 

The latest, is the below pic which some believe to be... a polar bear. K...

Via Metro

The same chap who spotted 'crabs, a giant lady and Buddha on the planet, Scott C. Warring told UFC Sightings Daily:

‘There is a reason NASA puts photos into black and white. To hide the living creatures and plants that are an obvious color. This is a great example of that. This creature has real hair as seen from the shadows around its body. That means it is not a statue, but a living creature.’

But wouldn't NASA just not release the picture at all if they were that was inclined? Sure what do we know. 

He feels so strongly about this that he's contacted the UN about it:

‘I will send this to the Secretary General of the United Nations at @SecGen Ban Ki-moon of the UN. I often alert them about these amazing discoveries, but as of yet have gotten only one answer, which was him asking me to send it to the @UN account and not his @SecGen account, then another general at the UN followed me that same day…apparently worried I was off my rocker. So…I try, share this with the world please. Help them open their eyes to the truth.’

You have to admire his tenacity.