Stuck for a Secret Santa present? You probably shouldn't get this...

A company that specialises in sending poo through the post to people that you want to get revenge on has turned a very tidy (or dirty, we suppose) profit in its first 30 days in business, racking up sales of over $10,000, simply to send poo. 

The service was set up by a man who goes by the name "Peter", according to Uproxx, and is called, succinctly enough, ShitExpress. It provides you with an anonymous way to send that ex, your former friend, or your boss a big pile of crap, literally, through their door, and it can't be traced back to you. 

The company only started up properly in November (having first been spotted on Reddit and Bitcoin services in September) and is what you would deem a pretty huge success as they raked in $10,120 worth of orders in their first month. You can pay by Paypal or Bitcoin, so that it remains anonymous, and as with almost everything, there are unboxings and reviews online of the service. It turns out that you get exactly what it says on the tin: shit. 

The package comes from Slovenia, and is genuine horse manure apparently. It even comes complete with a note that tells the recipient that they need to really think about themselves (after all someone hates them enough to pay good money to send them shit in the mail) and can include a personalised message too. All in all, it costs about €12.95, but a lot of people clearly think that it's money well spent.  

This news comes off the back of the announcement from Cards Against Humanity that they actually sold a lot of poo (and donated some of the money to charity) on Black Friday in protest against the crass consumerism of it all, proving that, for some reason, people want to get shit in the mail. They managed to rake in $180,000 though, and looked to be selling much smaller packages, so these guys have some catching up to do.

Via UpRoxx. Main pic via ShitExpress