Police don't have many leads on the case, but they are on the lookout for anyone matching the description of Wile E. Coyote...

Residents of Limerick were greeted by a bit of a shocking site today when they spotted a Ford Fiesta which had fallen afoul of the twin dangers of an extremely heavy safe and gravity, and had ended up worse for wear as a result.

According to Reddit, the flattened vehicle was spotted today, and while it caused a bit of confusion, it seems it's all part of an art project by Jean-Luc Courcoult. He brought his street theatre show to limerick, which features a giant marionette grandmother, as part of the City of Culture program of events. 

He told The Limerick Leader that it's part of that project with the grandmother figure, and it is her "personal safe, which had fallen from the sky onto a car in town, which contained the memories of Limerick, enabling her to tell the legends of stories of great battles, endured in past centuries, that had fallen into oblivion a long time ago."

Mystery solved then, as we originally thought that something similar to this had transpired:

Main pic via Lockeyper