Watching Amy on stage at the MTV EMAs was a trial of insurmountable discomfort. She could not utter the words of Back to Black, all she could do was warble her incomprehensible way through the track, tottering on her feet, eyes darting around the arena, two backing vocalists dancing like maniacs as they could hardly take the lead from her off-kilter "OOoOooOoohs". It was horrific. Add to this the recent interview in Blender magazine, and what you have is one very, very sick, lost, girl. Reporter Jody Rosen asked the singer if she was an alcoholic and Amy replied; "I don't know. I'm a really big drinker. I used to be there before the pub opened, banging on the door." She then proceeded to go on the nod, suddenly coming to with an "Oh God, what is wrong with me? There's something wrong with me, I'm just really drowsy at the moment. I'm so sorry." Rosen included in her piece, "Amy  has never exactly been a picture of health, (correction, Jody, she looked great about four years ago) but tonight she looks especially worse for wear - hunched, heavy lidded and just frail... Now her words are slurred, her eyelids drooping. Her head wobbles into a nod. She falls asleep for a second, wakes up with a start, mutters and drops off again. The smouldering cigarette in her left hand falls to the floor." Defending his client's actions, Amy's manager Raye Cosbert said she was on medication "which makes her drowsy." Shame on you, Raye. If she's on medication, why make her do an interview? Why put her onstage if she's incoherent? Oooooh yeah, 'cause she's your meal ticket.