Yes, you read that headline correctly - dog beer is a thing, and a bar in Dublin is the first in Ireland to serve it.

Adelphi on Middle Abbey St. made headlines before for its infamous Donald Trump-themed urinal (which is still there, by the way), but now it's back on people's radars again for offering a special treat for thirsty doggos across the capital - beer brewed especially for dogs.

"We initially got four cases, but we ran out after one week," explained bar manager Tony McCabe. "It was like Crufts in here last Sunday." The dog beer is free for any patron who brings a good boy into Adelphi with them, and the beer will be back on shelves when they get a new delivery in this Tuesday.

The beer is called Snuffle and is made from natural ingredients and is completely alcohol-free, so you won't need to worry about having to carry your dog home with you - unless they're tired.