A woman in Germany who already has 13 children is pregnant again, at the age of 65. 

Annegret Raunigk is a school teacher near Berlin, and although she is set to retire shortly given her age, she has not let that stop her from getting pregnant with quadruplets. 

Raungik already has 13 children from 5 different fathers that range in ages from 9 to 44-years-old, but she stated that the reason she wanted to have the children was that her youngest daughter wanted another sibling. 

According to Dr. Holger Stepan, head of obstetrics at the University of Leipzig, the pregnancy is incredibly risky, and her decision to have fertilised eggs implanted at a facility outside Germany (which required multiple attempts) has been met with criticism: "Any pregnancy of a woman over age 45 has to be considered a high-risk pregnancy; over 60 this is naturally extreme", said Stepan, adding that "the 65-year-old body is definitely not designed to carry a pregnancy, not of one child and certainly not of quadruplets". 

Raungik is due to give birth in about two months, and speaking to German newspaper Bild, she appeared to be unfazed by the criticism: "They can see it how they want to and I'll see it the way I think is right". 

Via AP. Main pic via Teza Harinaivo Ramiandrisoa/Flickr