Although Valentine's Day is a few months away, there's never a bad time for a bit of romance.

A letter, believed to be well over 100 years old, was discovered during renovation works on a property in Macroom, Co. Cork. The letter, written by one John McCarthy, was discovered hidden away under a floorboard on the property.

The current owners of the property have been trying to reunite the letter with its owner or their descendants, but haven't had much luck.

The property, located on Main St. in Macroom, Co. Cork, was previously a pharmacy and a hotel before that. "We would absolutely be interested in tracing the letter but because the pharmacy used to be part of the old hotel next door it means John could have been a soldier, he could have been a guest staying in the hotel, he could have been anybody really,"  explained Irene Deasy, one of the property's owners.

The letter is now framed and hanging in the property, with many local people interested in the history of it and who the writer is. The letter appears to be a reinvention of a popular poem in the 1900's called Would You Care, with a few references to Macroom and spending a 'jolly night together'.