As a nation, we have a problem.

We don't mind potatoes, they're grand. We were raised on them, but then we found other things, and in our opinion, better things. Mainly BBQ, but we also like...OK, mainly BBQ.

But that's why it came as a bit of a shock when we read a survey carried out by Keogh's that said 91% of us would include the vegetable in their final ever meal on the earth, with 75% calling it their favourite mealtime carb. What about bread and pizza? Or pasta? Or rice?

Seriously? How many rhetorical questions can I ask in a row? Five, good guess.

Anyway, when it came to the favourite ways to throw the spuds down your throat, traditional mash was number one with 46%, roast potatoes came second with 30%, and just 13% for third places baked potatoes.

French fries, with 33% of the vote, are the nation's favourite potato-based side dish, with wedges only pulling in 15%. Right, we're calling it, you're all mental if you're picking chips over a good wedge.

A futher 96% of people think that Irish potatoes are the best in the world, so if we were in any doubt about the validity of such a study, that pretty much cleared it up. We do potatoes, and we do them well.