We've all lived with an annoying housemate at at some point, and if you're wondering who that is, it's probably you.

Whether it's not cleaning up the dishes instantly after cooking, taking too long in the shower, leaving the heating on too much, or watching TV far too loud when it's far too late, there's always some problem that's going to rub the other people up the wrong way and forces them into action. 

But seeing as you can't flip out over a few dirty dishes, they have to be more sly in their retaliation. Their response must be so subtle that it could be mistaken as an accident, as with that, we bring you the most passive-aggressive plays a housemate can make to get you to cop on, because the only other alternative is finding a new home. And if it gets to that stage, you'd better hit up Savills to find the right place.

Taking up the entire clothesline so you can't wash anything
We'll admit, sometimes we forget to take in the washing for a day or two...or seven, but it's not intentional, it's just that the clothesline is all the way outside, and we're not out of clean clothes yet. Surely they should understand?

Wrong type of clothesline, but we feel like this still applies.

Turning off the immersion so you have to have a cold shower
The warmth you crave, combined with the need for cleanliness is a perfect excuse to soak under the running water for a few minutes. The problem is, if those few minutes turn into a half-hour your housemate might switch off the immersion "by accident" to drop you a hint.

Not cleaning their dishes in retaliation
It's not that we don't want to clean dishes, it's just that there's so many other things that are a better way to spend our time, like literally anything. Can't we just eat take-out or use paper plates instead?

Throwing out your food because it "smelled like it was gone off"
Sure it did, it's not like it had four days before it hit its expiry date. Plus, even if it did, we could have made some kind of a Frankenstein soup out of it. We probably do tend to overstock the fridge from time to time, so we'll try remember to buy enough food for a week, not the Apocalypse.

If they "forget" to replace the toilet paper.
Who hasn't felt this pain before? It's either one of the most selfish things a person can do, or an ingenious move to let a housemate know it's their turn to buy some toiletries and the like. Evil personified.

Changing the name of the Wi-Fi to "put your headphones on"
We like to listen to things a lot. If we're cooking, cleaning, or just sat around with nothing to do, the chances are there's going to be a podcast or some music blaring around the house somewhere, and we don't want to mess up our look by giving ourselves headphone hair. They're just going to have to get used to it, sorry but this one is non negotiable.

Leaving notes around the house
It doesn't matter if it's writing their name on "their" food, sticking a post-it note on the un-emptied dishwasher, or writing an A-4 essay about how it'd be extra sound of you to not sing along to every single song that comes on the radio. Or failing that, could we at least learn the right lyrics. The answer to both is a resounding no, but that doesn't help the moment of terror we experience when our eyes are drawn to a random piece of paper stuck to something in the gaff.

Leaving a full bin bag beside the kitchen door for you to take out
We'd have gotten around to it eventually, and there was still plenty of time left for us to play "bin jenga", but obviously they're no craic and aren't willing to count flies as house-pets.

Remove all the shows you've recorded on SKY
This is interchangeable with them cancelling their Netflix account, you know, the one you like to spend hours a day using. We need to watch our stories!

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