The 85th Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon took place in Beverly Hills yesterday, and everyone seemed to take a relaxed approach to the whole affair, in particular the boys, some of whom could really have made more of an effort (we'll give Tim Burton the benefit of the doubt, seeing as he is still in a sling after a fall in London a few weeks ago). The ladies however, all pulled it out of the bag, without actually going OTT. But back to the boys first, because seriously Joaquin? You look like a psychopath and it's terrifying. Leave it to Ben Affleck to show you how to do scruffy smart casual (you silver fox you).

Oh what's that Helen Hunt? You're happy to be there? Or are you angry? Or sad? We can't tell with that face and it's single expression these days. Christoph Waltz and Nick Munier are melding into the same person more and more every days, so when Waltz looks like this, it can give one a headache. Great choice on the blue suit though.

Sally Field, while sort of doing a Helen Hunt in the expression department, is at least smiling and wearing something age appropriate and flattering. We love you Sally, we'll always really love you. Hugh Jackman delivers even more scruffy smart casual, which is clearly a trend for the boyos these days. That or there is ONE stylist in Hollywood who is raking it in.

Katie Couric, we can't even deal with your jumpsuit. Please. Just..... just no.

Amy Adams' sheer Little House on the Prarie/explosion at the Quality Street Factory is a headscratcher. You want to like it, but then there's all this pattern and madness going on, but it fits really well and the detail is great. Also, pockets. We'll give you a pass Amy. Spielberg, meanwhile, is looking more and more like a creepy uncle every day.

Jennifer Lawrence, you're gorgeous and we love you but please start making better dress choices. That's the reason you look so uncomfortable on red carpets. That and your stance. We know you don't like being there, but there's only so much 'obviously hating every awkward moment of this' face we can take.

Okay seriously, is there a tie shortage in LA at the moment. No one could fly one in for Bradley Cooper? No? Anne Hathaway brought one for hubby Adam Schulman,while being her smiley self decked out in a black cocktail number. Simple, understated and well done. Keep your eyes on the prize Anne.

And finally Naomi Watts, also in black but this time lacy and again, pockets, looking very well turned out indeed. No massive risks taken by all, so hopefully everyone will pull something out of the bag for the Oscars on February 24th. And for God's sake, someone send all the boys some ties.