Clarence Blackmon, an 81-year-old veteran who's battling cancer, arrived home from the hospital recently to find that he had absolutely nothing in his house to eat. 

Blackmon's battle with the disease meant that he spent the last few months in the hospital, and when he returned to his Fayetteville, North Carolina home, he discovered that all that time away had meant that there was nothing left in his fridge or cupboards. 

Weakened by the treatment, with no family or friends in the area and under instruction not to leave his home, Blackmon did the only thing he could think of: he called 911 and asked for help. 

Marilyn Hinson, the dispatcher who took the call, jotted down the shopping list which consisted of a head of cabbage, two bananas, a can of beets, a can of green beans, tomato juice, three Pepsis, some processed ham and, his "absolute favorite" popcorn. The story was then shared with the people at ABC 11, who broadcast it on their news bulletin, and it quickly went viral. 

Donations have since been pouring in for Blackmon, not just for food, but money to help cover his bills and to help him out around the house. He has stated that he's been overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity, but that the money donated won't go to him: "I want everyone that goes hungry, or lives under a bridge [to know], at least they can go to the Salvation Army. They can get some good food". How sound is this guy, seriously?

Blackmon was visited by a health worker on Wednesday, who spent several hours with him, and he will be getting a home health nurse this week too in order to make sure he stays as healthy and comfortable as possible. 

Via BroBible, ABC11