As Twitter celebrates its ninth birthday today, there's very few people without a Twitter account.

Sure doesn't even the Pope himself have one? Before you ask, no - he's not on this list. To mark the occasion, we've come up with seven accounts that you should definitely be following to make your Twitter experience all the better.


9. DAVID O'DOHERTY (@phlaimeaux)

He's easily one of the funniest comedians working today and he also happens to be Irish and tall. So, y'know, that's three reasons right there.


8. FACES IN THINGS (@facespics)

Do you see faces in everyday objects? Do you share them on Twitter? Then you're stealing Faces in Things' idea. Thief.


7. MEDIEVAL REACTIONS (@medievalreacts)

Who knew that the work of Caravaggio and the like could also be used to accurately display the process of sneaking a clearly drunk mate into a club?



The highest compliment we can receive as an entertainment news site is when people mistake our headlines for WWN headlines.



Remember that episode of the Simpsons that you loved? Remember that obscure joke from it that always made you laugh? The law of averages says you're going to be reminded of it by following these guys.


4. GUY IN YOUR MFA (@guyinyourmfa)

Do you know someone who's an uber-hipster? To the point they're a dickhead? That's Guy In Your MFA. Observe.


3. RUBBERBANDITS (@rubberbandits)

Arguably Limerick's greatest export since Richard Harris and Vincent Browne, the Rubberbandits can be deeply intelligent and prescient in their tweets. And then there's this:


2. AMY HUBERMAN (@amyhuberman)

As well as being a talented, hilarious actor, she's also married to B'OD. And, y'know, she's lovely. Just lovely.


1. ENTERTAINMENT.IE (@entertainmentIE)

Well, d'uh. Obviously.