Seven people have been injured in a crush occurring in a queue outside Copper Face Jacks, last night, leaving one 18 year old woman in a critical condition at St. James's Hospital.

The owner of Copper Face Jacks, Cathal Jackson, told the this morning:

'The girl is OK and she’s talking. She’s after coming to.

'I'm thinking of the girl and her family,' he said, updating the condition of the young woman. 

The club were running an event coined 'Messy Mondays', where the venue prices all its drinks at 3.50, when the incident occurred at around midnight. There were around 1500 people queueing to get in at the time, according to Gardaí.

Four of the injured parties were taken to hospital emergency departments for treatment in an incident that saw the closure of Harcourt Street for a number of hours

The club, normally an over 21s venue, relaxed the age requirement for the event, advertising it as an over 18s night for the first time.

'It was the first time we actually had an over 18s specifically on a Monday night, it’s over 19s on a Tuesday' Mr. Jackson, commented.

It's unfortunate that something like this has to occur before we reassess the culture promoted at nights like this. What can be done to prevent an incident like this from happening again in the future? Hopefully this is the last time we have to watch as disturbing a video as this.