It's fun keeping up with celebs on their social media accounts but sometimes their pushing of political agendas is a snooze.

Others create social envy by sharing snaps from their glamorous lives. It makes you want to crawl under a rock and abandon platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram altogether.

Thus we've picked out six social media accounts from celebrities that are actually worth following; that will make you believe there's still sweetness and humour in this mad world.


Ryan Reynolds

So many people (14.8 million in fact) are following Ryan Reynolds aka @VancityReynolds by now. Why? Because his posts are fricking hilarious and bound to bring you up if you're having a crap day.


Anna Kendrick

As with Ryan Reynolds, the reason we recommend you follow @AnnaKendrick47 is she's just so funny. And philosophical. And just plain random.


Sam Neill

Sam Neill of 'Jurassic Park' fame has one of the purest accounts out there. He uses his platform @TwoPaddocks to share random pictures of his farm animals and exploits at the Two Paddocks winery. He names the animals after his film-industry colleagues. No joke. And there are also important Jurassic updates sooo....


Richard E Grant

One of the most uplifting accounts our there has to be that Richard E Grant, star of 'Can You Ever Forgive Me' and 'Withnail and I'. @RichardEGrant basically just posts videos of being really excited about life. Altogether lovely.


Will Smith

Another just feel-good account has to be Will Smith's. He just loves being silly and doling out heartfelt advice (you check out the latter in the highlights on his Instagram).

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Bend the universe to your Will.

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James Blunt

One more humorous account we can't recommend enough. @JamesBlunt the singer behind such mid-2000s hits as 'You're Beautiful' and 'Goodbye My Lover' has self deprecation down to an art.