Not everyone is going to cram themselves in to a crowded restaurant on Valentine's Day just to say they were out on the night, a lot of us are looking for nothing more than a good takeout at home.

A recent survey of Irish people by wanted to know what our plans were for Valentine's day, and surprisingly, a lot of us are planning on just having a takeout and sitting at home. That's weird, what do JustEat do again?

Anyway, they asked questions about what type of food we were planning on getting, as well as who we'd like to have that food with, and for Irish men there was only one winner: the very lovely Amy Huberman. For the ladies, Jamie Dornan came out on top, as it were, while it turns out our perfect combo is the ancient, mystical recipe of curry chips.

There were plenty more discoveries too, including the fact that should surprise no one that most people think smug couples are the worst thing about Valentine's Day, so keep those Facebook statuses to yourself, people. No one cares.