Forget about your 10 team accumulators, you’re small time, at least in 50 Cent's world.

If you’re not sure who’s going to win in the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight, you’re a lot like us. But instead of reading up on it and coming to an informed opinion, we’ve decided to follow the gut feeling of renowned boxing expert, 50 "Curtis Jackon" Cent.

During an interview the rapper gave this morning on American radio station, Power 105.1, the G-Unit leader let slip that he’s going to put about $1.6million down on Mayweather, “The Champ”, to get his hand raised.

I’m not sure about you, but I’m going to take that as gospel. Time to put the house on Pac-Man.

“Fiddy” is actually going to be in the new Jake Gyllenhall film, Southpaw, and owns the fight company SMS Promotions, so maybe he does know a bit more about the sport than we give him credit for. Well for the film’s sake, we at least hope so.