Whether you plan on heading away solo, in a group, or you want to take the family away and hit the slopes, there are plenty of things that you need to consider when planning a skiing holiday. 

Heading away with the kids can be the most challenging of those scenarios, and while it was a little easier when you were only organising a trip for you and your mates, there's a little more to consider this time around so that the little ones (and you guys as parents, too) have the best possible time on the slopes. Along with the experts at Crystal Ski Holidays, we've got a few top tips for busy parents that will make their life easier when trying to book the perfect break away

1. Make sure to check out the children's clubs at your hotel, and do your best to book your kids in to one. Spots tend to fill up fast so it's a good idea to have a think in advance about whether this would suit your family. Recommended is Crystal's Whizz kids club in Tignes – the club pick up the children from ski school and provide lunch too, enabling parents to enjoy an extra couple of hours skiing. It also means that you can be rested and ready for more fun in the snow for the afternoon. Going with another family with similar aged children is another great way of providing entertainment at the end of a hard day's skiing.

2. Think about skiing in the Easter holidays this season if other winter months don't suit you. When Easter falls early you don’t necessarily need a high altitude resort to guarantee snow on an Easter ski break, plus you can enjoy the warm spring sunshine. Just remember that the ski gear you take in spring will be different to what you need in January!

3. Consider how easy the logistics will be for you and your family when you are actually in the resort and pick what’s right for you. Research exactly where your accommodation is in relation to ski school and how suitable the resort is for all the abilities in your group. A good starting point is the Crystal Ski Guide which is a comprehensive run down that rates resorts via abilities and facilities.

4. Put yourself in your kids’ (snow) shoes. Skiing can be kind of daunting when you're little and faced with a pretty huge mountain. Consider taking your children to a local indoor snow centre to have a few lessons before they head out on the mountain. It will build their confidence before the ski holiday and means that everyone will get more enjoyment out of their time on the slopes.

5. One last idea, don’t keep mentioning the 'school' word - many parents have found that if you keep referring to it as going to skiing 'school' or taking 'lessons' and 'learning' to ski, it can put a bit of a dampener on things. Re-brand ski school as going off on a skiing adventure and see the difference in the way your children respond. They’ll soon be flying down slopes they wouldn't go on with parents and trying ski tricks we wouldn't dare!