Just because it was the international break doesn’t mean we were going to rest on our laurels.

Football doesn’t sleep, and neither do we, we wait. Having scoured on-the-line for the best football related action, we bring to you the best, the strangest, and the worst clips you missed while watching Aiden McGeady tear Georgia a new one.

Firstly there's the ITV panel having their post-game analysis ruined by some malfunctioning sprinklers, giving a new meaning to the phrase, dry wit.

We’re kidding of course, there’s little of any wit on that panel, but isn't it nice to shoe-horn in a pun.

Next up is the good auld drop-ball. You know, the one where the bigger, stronger, more intimidating guy would invariably boot the ball out for a throw in. Well it looks like Scotland’s James Morrison has found a more dignified way to restart the game, a bit of rock-paper-scissors.

Sergio Ramos obviously felt Macedonia were getting a little too big for their boots, having not let Spain score in the first 15 minutes, so decided to put them back in their place with a paneka penalty.

Macedonia’s Agim Ibraimi took the road less travelled, turns out slotting it away has the same result, but it does make you look like less of a twat.

Finally, and we know it wasn’t in an international match, but we don’t care, Diego Fagundez followed up a tap in by pulling out our favourite celebration of the year. All we’re saying is, why does Robbie Keane still celebrate with imaginary guns.