If you've ever had to apologise for what you said when you were hungry, then sadly, more so for those around you, you're a sufferer of 'hangriness'. This affliction affects at least 1 in 2 people (well, we're going to assume) and its symptoms include toddler-like outbursts, unreasonable reactions to seemingly innocuous questioning and the general venom-spitting that happens at the precise time that you're due a feed. Not sure if you've got it? Well, just ask yourself this: have you ever been left waiting for your food to arrive at a restaurant and found yourself incapable of having a conversation until your hunger has been somewhat sated? Or maybe you've flared your nostrils at the poor waiter when they've eventually brought your order, blissfully unaware of just how hungry and on the verge of murder you had previously been? Yep; you've got it bad, and so do we. And don't even attempt to ask us for a square of the Cadbury's chocolate bar that we've been savouring like our last drop of water on a desert island unless of course you're ready and willing to endure our wrath.


For moments like these, only a square of chocolate (or several) will do, and for that, you can always trust Cadbury's collection of stalwart chocolate bars to calm your rage and protect the welfare of those around you.

Behold, 5 situations guaranteed to induce a bout of hangriness, for which you must obey your mouth.

1. The 3pm slump - Dinner is so far away, you're struggling to stay motivated and you need to punctuate this point in your work day with a sweet treat before you start sending passive aggressive emails. It makes work bearable and induces a feeling of calm, also giving you an excuse to temporarily take your foot off the gas and catch up on some office gossip.



2. That horrible midway point between breakfast and lunch

Whoever said a bowl of porridge would keep you going 'til lunch? It certainly does not. Elevenses calls for the morning counterpart to the 3pm slump break. Do it.


3. When you're watching a movie

You've had a light dinner and you go to binge on Netflix with your bestie, only to find that she's laid out a spread of crunchy crudites. Movies weren't made to be consumed with celery. Come prepared with Cadburys and keep your rage at bay.


4. When you're heartbroken

You need comfort. You need something that makes you feel happier, even if it's fleeting. There there. *pats shoulder.


5. When you're feeling particularly hormonal
Again; you need comfort. And your tendency for hangriness will undoubtedly skyrocket with your fluctuating mood. Be kind to yourself.