In the name of Earth Day (it's today by the way), we've compiled a list of some less obvious things to watch in celebration, so that you don't actually have to go outside.

There are so many ways to celebrate Earth Day today that don't involve David Attenborough, 'Animal Planet', or even the literal outdoors.

Though there's nothing wrong with any of those options either, but equally, there's nothing wrong with exploring other more unique options. So, grab a bowl of warm popcorn and your drink of choice and celebrate Earth Day the way that it's probably not intended — in front of the TV.

My Octopus Teacher

If you never imagined feeling emotional about an Octopus, we dare you to watch this. We've certainly never seen sea life in this detailed, personal way (and we've never seen somebody hug an octopus before, so that was cool).

Watch this film on Netflix.


This film is such a naughties teen classic, with such a mystifying cast of Emma Roberts, Sara Paxton, and JoJo — yes, 'Too Little Too Late' JoJo. Follow the girls as they navigate Sara Paxton's character being a mermaid.

Watch this film on Disney+ and Hulu.


This docuseries explores the secrets and corruption going on in the global food industry — sure, 'Cowspiracy' is a trendy watch, but 'Rotten' is a lesser-known deep dive into the sneaky underworld of food and drink.

Watch this series on Netflix.

A Bug's Life

Also known as one of our favourite nostalgia flicks, 'A Bug's Life' is such an incredibly sweet movie about life as, well, a bug. You may be surprised to find that they too have dramas, love lives, and have to go to work. Who'd have thought?

Watch this film on Disney+ and Apple TV.

The Dog House

While this isn't one of the typical animal documentaries, it's an entire series dedicated to one of the loveliest species on earth. Rescued Frenchies, Greyhounds, Staffies, and so many more find their forever homes.

Watch this series on Channel 4.