It’s winter, and between the miserable weather, the cold, and the fact that we’re always in a rush, it can be hard to eat healthy on the go.

The Man Cave knows this, and is familiar with the daily struggle of trying to choose between a Snickers and something that our body could actually use as fuel, so we put together this quick rundown of a few quick, healthy snacks that can keep you going when you need it the most

1) Eggs

An obvious suggestion, but eggs are a fantastic way to pack in protein and lots of other nutrients that your body needs. Our favourite way to have them is to hard boil an egg, cut up half an avocado and mix them in a bowl with some freshly ground black pepper and a small bit of mayonnaise. It’s tasty, it’s pretty healthy, and hard boiling an egg shouldn’t take longer than ten minutes. It’s great for a quick breakfast too and if you feel like you don’t have ten minutes in the morning, then…well get up ten minutes earlier.

Pic via Sam Breach/Flickr

2) Jerky

There are some downsides to jerky, mainly that most of the products out there taste like leather arse and are loaded with sodium, but you can find the right one if you look around. Our favourite at the moment are Stript, a new brand based on the South African classic biltong, and they’re the best of the jerky products we’ve tasted. They're made of air dried beef steak pieces and are available in two flavours: cracked black pepper, and red chilli.

3) Nut butter

Be it almond, peanut, cashew or hazelnut, there has been an explosion of nut butters on the market recently, and they’re all packed with protein, provided that you’re not picking the wrong ones. Look for a really high percentage of the nut that they’re made from in the ingredients (it has to be over 90%) and steer clear of palm oil and anything with lots of sugar. Nuts n’ More do a great version that’s got added protein and flax for all your omega needs, and all you need to do is serve it up with a banana or fill a stick of celery with the stuff and you’re sorted.

Pic via NutsnMore

4) Power pancakes

Everyone loves pancakes, but they're not great for you and they take a while to make. However, you can slap this healthy recipe together in minutes, by mixing 75g of oats with six egg whites (you can buy them in a carton and use them in anything from omelettes to these pancakes) and mix them in a blender until they form a batter, but you may need to add a little more egg whites or oats to reach the right consistency. Throw them in a non-stick pan (or use some coconut oil) and flip them a few times to make sure they’re cooked on both sides. You can then top them with a small bit of honey and some fruit of your choice, like banana in the main pic above.

5) Chia pudding

Per 100g of Chia seeds, you get about 17g of protein, and they’re the latest superfood going. To mix yourself up a pretty tasty snack throw around ¼ cup of water in with 50g of chia seeds and let the two soak for about an hour (this can be done a night in advance) and it should become thick and almost creamy. You can use almond milk and milled chia if you want it to be a bit more like a proper pudding, but either way, top with fruit, nuts or even some more nut butter, and take it with you on the go for a healthy option when hunger strikes.

Pic via Anne Holmes/Flickr

Main pic via Pamela Ocampo/Flickr