Lots happened at the BFI (British Film Institute don't you know) premiere of 360 last night - Jude Law arrived as John Steed before informing Edith Bowmen of what people really think of her opinion. Gillian Anderson was out-pouted by Johannes Krisch; Lucia Siposova dropped on command; and Kathy Lette showed the rapidly evaporating Antonia Campbell-Hughes (most famed for Lead Balloon and the Dublin hipster scene circa six years ago. She had black hair then, was a lot more Goth, and was therefore nicknamed Batfink. She does not know that) how it should be done.

There was nothing else of interest to report. Bonnie Wright and Jamie Campbell Bower arrived in a wind tunnel, Meredith Ostrum, and Eddie Marsan were also there. Yep, nothing else of interest. Oh, Terry Gilliam was also there. That is all.