A new Malware that hacks jailbroken iPhone's has been found to have hacked over 225,000 Apple accounts, obtaining their login details.

The Malware, known as KeyRaidar, is distributed through a third party software repository in Cydia, an alternative app store to the official Apple Store. Certain apps from Cydia contain hidden, malicious code which has been infecting phones in 17 countries, including Japan, China, France, and the UK.

A jailbroken iPhone means it's been modified in a way which allows it to download apps which aren't available in the Apple Store, but as this hack proves, it leaves your phone pretty vulnerable to Malware. The original alteration to iPhones which caused this problem was done to allow users to purchase apps in the official store without actually paying. 

The purpose of the attack is to hijack the jailbroken phones and use their accounts to purchase apps from the store without paying. It is suspected that more 20,000 people have abused the system and hijacked the 225,000 jailbroken phones, which could add up to a lot of cash.~

While most of the accounts that have been stolen seem to be from China, or Chinese people who have emigrated or are traveling, that doesn't account for everyone. So, if you have a jailbroken phone, not that we suspect you'd do such a thing, it might be worth checking you Apple account, just in case.

Via ArsTechnica