And now for the part of the red carpet that we all love: The people who made an absolute bags of it. We're talking to you SJP.

Now the BAFTAs are basically the British Oscars, so either Sarah Jessica Parker didn't get the memo, or she was trying to undermine everyone in her stupid tuxedo jumpsuit. We hope you felt as stupid as you looked.

Someone else who should have known better was Laura Whitmore, also opting for a jumpsuit, but in this case a flared supervillain number with accompanying wispy shoulder trains. And a little tailoring on the leg length would have helped you not look like you were swimming in it. This is not an audition for the new X-Men movie Laura. Stop.

Marion Cotillard's mustard number was just a series of bad piled on top of more bad. Was her dress supposed to do that thigh split thing, or did she suffer a case of Jennifer Lawrence's at the SAGs? And all that fabric pulled to the front makes her look like a deflated balloon.

Elize Du Toit's sheer red lace dress looks like something straight out of Moulin Rouge, and not in a good way. Same can be said for Thandie Newton's black lace attempt.

And is it just us or does Simon Pegg look like a cheap Gary Oldman impersonator with his facial hair, longish hair and big specs? It's creepy.

Andrea Riseborough wrapped herself up in a very booby lemon thing that just came off as trashy.

CLAUDIA WINKLEMAN. This is a red carpet, not Topshop of a Saturday. ENOUGH.

And Zawe Ashton, your sheer lower half makes it look like there's hundreds of spiders trying to crawl up your dress. It's nauseating.