It was a busy weekend for carpets of the rouge variety the world over, what with our very own IFTAs on Saturday, and the BAFTAs in London last night followed by the GRAMMY Awards in LA. And with all that red carpet comes a whole lot of fashion successes and even more failures, so let's just dive right in shall we?

Thanks to the terrible British weather, most the stars on the carpet were wrapped up in giant coats in attempts to stay warm, which doesn't exactly bode well for photography really. Whoever decided to have an outdoor red carpet in London in February needs to get their head checked. Is a full enclosed entrance too much to ask for? Thankfully many obliged with a brief disrobing for photos before scurrying inside the Royal Opera House for the ceremony, MCed by the ever charming and quippy Stephen Fry.

Now the men pretty much got it easy at the BAFTAs, what with having the comfort of a three-piece suit to keep them warm and dry. Oversized bowties aplenty, the boys all looked relatively similar, with gents opting for black or blue penguin suits, varying levels of facial hair, and generally hanging out of each other and being bros.

As for the ladies, well Jennifer Garner, just gets it right every time. Owning monochrome, Mrs. Affleck was every bit the classic Hollywood A-lister. You are the best of the best dressed Jen. Congratulations.

Jessica Chastain comes a close second in our book in her strapless royal blue full length gown. Not even bothered by the fact it was snowing.

Amy Adams went for a lacy black number with a lot of flesh on show, but we're never one to say that's a bad thing per say.

Anne Hathaway gets it note perfect also in a black studded number, even if those studs did look like Cadburys buttons at times.

Let's pause a moment on the shocker of the night, Helen Mirren. Now we're between two minds. On the one hand, the pink hair does scream a little too much for attention, and feels a little Nicki Minaj at an event that's more Pavarotti (even though they gave people Paloma Faith as an opener). But then she pulls it off so well, and does look pretty much amazing in massive grey dress that we kind of love it. And she also just swished her way down the carpet all night, proving that she gives zero f*cks, and for that, she's a winner in our book.

Natalie Dormer stayed close to her Tudors and Game of Thrones roots by opting for a bronze chain-mail style gown that was very medieval and very good.

Jennifer Lawrence was the only one who wouldn't suck it up and disrobe for the paps, which is severely frustrating as, from what we saw in the broadcast, her gown was actually a superb choice. Although we're not gone on the wet look hair. That's something that should be saved for the sunshine and FHM shoots.

The Flackster did alright considering she was on hosting duties and literally standing around in the cold shivering.

Eddie Redmayne, when not vomiting, pulled out the old reliable blue Burberry number. All the blue must be some secret ginger ruling, seeing as both Chastain andDamian Lewis followed suit.

Amanda Byram went all out, pulling off glitz and glamour, and from the look on her face, she knew it.

And let's just end on the fact that Henry Cavill is just ridiculously good looking.