Admittedly, I don't know who 95% of these people are, but my, aren't they well turned out.

Look at all you classy New Yorkian bastids. OK, so this is pushing the boundaries of decency (and Botox), but at least she's wearing a slip - unlike Olivia Williams a few days back. In some cases, a bunched slip is better than none at all. Yet sometimes throwing a slip over what could very well be another slip doesn't do either garment any favours.

And then there's some times where no slip at all or even just a hint of transparency is sublime in execution. And then there's other times when it just results in a questionable game of peeka(n under)boob. Please, lady, not when there's children at a certain eye level. No wonder they look so sullen.

Well, at least Julianne Moore looked sophisticated, if a little throttled by her sleeves. As for this lady, the crowd doesn't seem to be that predisposed to irony… apart from Valentino. He's constantly having a laugh.