Not all of this year's scandals were of the celebrity's own doing. We are of course making reference to Kate Middleton. But first, let's tackle Harry...

August saw Prince Harry bear hug a naked lady from behind in a Las Vegas penthouse in a big to hide her modesty. What a gent. Then, all hell broke loose in September when KMiddy unsuspectingly unleashed her diddies while on holidays in the back garden of her french villa. Next thing she knew, they were plastered all over French Closer. September also saw Tom Cruise's wife auditioning shocker.

October was a busy month, especially for the Houston clan, as Whitney's daughter Bobbi Kristina got engaged to her 'adopted' brother, before getting herself into various other situations (namely car crashes) for her reality TV show.

Also in October, a toooootally unsuspecting Hulk Hogan got a sex tape released on him, and then there was all that very nasty business involving Jimmy Savile, which is obviously still ongoing.

November saw Gabriel Aubry and Olivier Martinez hospitalise each other on Thanksgiving, and Lindsay Lohan got herself arrested, again.

Rounding up our year is unfortunately that hoax call involving Kate Middleton, the ramifications of which some people will have to deal with for the rest of their days.