They were told to lock up their daughters. They didn't heed the warning *SQQUUUEEEEEEEAAALLLLZZZZ*

According to Sky News: "Hundreds of young girls camped out overnight at Sydney airport to catch a glimpse of the group - formed on TV talent show The X Factor. But there was disappointment for the teenagers as the five young men, who were arriving from a promotional tour in the US, slipped out the back exit."

Indeed, this week, One Direction are taking Australia by storm, playing gigs in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne before performing at the lovely named Logies at the weekend. The Logies are the Aussie version of the Emmys. Which are the American version of the TV BAFTAS. Which are kind of like the IFTAS. But only kind of.

A spokesperson from the Logies had the following to say of the band's impending appearance: "We are getting more security and more police. Our main priority surrounding the performance is the safety of those fans attending and the community surrounding the Crown precinct, as well as the boys themselves. We are totally across it. We have seen what this band has caused across the world - they shut down streets in Paris when they appeared in-store recently."

Well done, PR sort, you have sufficiently hyped their appearance up to "hyperhysterimaniacal". If you listen carefully, you can almost hear some helicopters whirring in the background.

In slight contrast, we have JLS getting the attention of approximately 15 girls outside The Morrison in Dublin yesterday. Those onesies give them away every time.