Ahhhhh, lookit the poor fecker. There you are, going about your embarrassing business after a night out with (it had to be) Lily Allen, and you look up to see you're being papped throughout the process. Poor celebrities. They can't even be violently hungover in peace.

On the upside, a shrine has been erected in honour of his vomit, so every cloud.

Fans of the Kiss You crooner have put up a heartfelt banner on the side of the busy Los Angeles freeway after the 20-year-old singer was forced to spew following a night of heavy partying with herself at an LA bar. Seemingly Harry asked his driver to pull over on the hard shoulder and was spotted, pale-faced and puking at the side of the road on Sunday morning (12.10.14).

Following the incident, super-fans quickly arrived at the vomit spot and put up a sign reading: "Harry Styles threw-up here 10-12-14."
It isn't the first time the singer has thrown up in public. He also lost control of his stomach contents on stage in Pittsburgh in July last year, although he claimed he had simply eaten too much prior to the show.

Luckily - for everyone involved - Harry was able to control his queasiness as he helped a fan propose to his girlfriend at their Atlanta gig earlier this month.