When police in Tennessee pulled over a young woman with a suspended licence, they got more than they bargained for.

According to The Huffington Post, 19 year old Dallas Archer was brought back to the station after being arrested and searched by a female officer who noticed a "foreign object" in her vagina.

When another female officer joined the inspection a LOADED, five-shot, four-inch .22 caliber mini-revolver was found concealed in her vagina. Yes, f**king loaded.

Not only that, it turns out the gun was stolen from a 70 year old retired used car salesman who said he was going to “give it a good bleach” before handling it again.

"It would seem to be a very dangerous place to carry a loaded firearm," the local District Attorney spewed, in a case of stating the bleedin’ obvious.

What a way to go that would have been.